What do the planets have in store for you

-By Acharya Ramanayan Dwivedi

"Acharya Ramnayan Dwivedi Ji", I have been doing social work for people from the age of 17. Due to this thinking, everyone would be happy and blissful that I have been doing this work for special faith towards religion.

I have had a lot of devotion and love towards out Hindu religion. Due to which there has been a immense belief towards gods and goddesses. This belief in God along with spiritual suggestions, the family support has got me to be here.

I have been a promoter of Indian culture and religion from past 25 years.

Whereas I have researched and taught Yoga, Meditation, Vedas, Darshan, Gita, Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu.

I learnt Astrology from Acharya Shri Rupanath Mishra , who was Dharam Guru in Army.

In present, With the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna, billions of people around the World are getting advice and taking benefits for the different methods like astrology, tarot and palmistry.

"Acharya Ramanayan Dwivedi Ji gives me many beneficial advices about my business and personal life and they really help me in changing my life.”
Mr. Ram Kumar, Dubai