Palmistry is said to have originated from Vedic astrology, i.e. Indian Astrology that was formed during the Vedic era. Therefore, it is now an important part of Jyotish Vidya and Vedic astrology. It is also believed that Maharishi Sage Valmiki who is also known as the primordial poet or the Asi Kavi, the author of Ramayana as we know it, wrote down the original rules of Palmistry as a branch of occult sciences on palm leaves between the 5th and the 1st century BCE.
Through the many centuries, the study of Palmistry spread to different countries such as Arabia, Iran, Europe and China. In the 19th Century, William john Warner or Cheiro as he is popularly known revived Palmistry as a branch of astrology. He helped put Palmistry on top of the chart in mainstream astrology and wrote several books on this occult science based on teaching from scholars in India. Today, there are many renowned Palmists or experts who are learned in Palmistry across the world. They not only study the ascending and descending lines in one’s palm but also the shape, size of the fingers, nails, texture of the skin, color of the palm, etc. these make up important factors to determine one’s future.

Surprisingly, the hair growing on one’s hands as well as its consistency has important meaning in palmistry as well. If the growth is uniform on one’s complete hand, it indicates that one has a comfortable, stable life. Ascending lines are auspicious in one’s palm and the mounts forming at junctions of each finger are very important when making analysis. Therefore, to simplify the understanding of Palmistry, one can say it is the physical study of occult science to determine one’s future.

We can know about the every aspect of our life by Palmistry like as Wealth, Personal Life, Business, Marriage, Career etc. Palmistry has very important place in our life. Sometimes we don not know about our birth details and we face astrological issues in our life then Plamistry helps us to know about Ups & Downs in our life. We can know about our life by Palmistry and can resolve Astrological issues out of life.

"I met Acharya Ji in 2011. He read my hands and immediately read all problems those I was facing in my life. He told me to do some solutions to fix all issues and I did as he said. That day and today, My life has changed tottaly after that. I'm really thankful to Acharya Ji."
Mr. Chander Kapoor, Canada

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